Message from the Founder

Welcome to Think Philippines!

Think Philippines was established for the purpose of giving our digitally connected Filipino citizens an avenue to express their thoughts and ideas on relevant matters pertaining to the concerns of the Filipinos all around the globe.

Envisioned not to compete with other  significant enlightening blog sites like Get Real Philippines and Anti-Pinoy but to join them with the cause of sharing a different perspective on how to make our country operate better again far from the opinions and ideas that a typical regulated mainstream media can offer you.

Here in Think Philippines, we are not strict with the grammars, mode of language that you are going to use as long as it would not resort to ad hominems and other unfounded speculations that would ridicule our fellow concerned citizens.

Ito ho ay tinatag para ma bigyan ng boses at pagkakataon mapakinggan ang mga pangkaraniwang tao na may nakitang problema at may ka akibat na solusyon na gusto imungkahi para sa ikauunlad ng bayan.


We do not mind if you will speak in your native dialect such as Ilonggo, Bisaya, Kapampangan or Waray. This digital avenue is all about expressing a typical Filipino’s concerns and solutions regarding the everyday problem that we are encountering which are usually far from the eyes of our humble public officials and mainstream media. We want to emphasize the value of a participatory governance where after doing our “being heard stage” we can offer a “solution” towards the concern that we are raising. On this notion, we can avoid to be  tagged as a group of whiners in the internet and people who often react without carefully thinking what can they offer in lieu of the current system which they wish to be replaced.

Think Philippines is also a strategic digital partner of a grassroot movement named Isang Samahan, Isang Pilipinas popularly known as ISIP. Also, established by the same creator of Think Philippines.

The privilege of having a grassroot movement as a partner is essential for us to guarantee that all our feasible and pragmatic inputs and suggestions that will be published in this digital avenue will have a greater chance of being filed inside our legislative congress backed by our persistent collective efforts to lobby it inside the Lower and Upper House as well as on the Parliament of the Streets.

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We want to be different, We want to be known as a group of concerned Filipino citizens who make things happen and do not just whine about it on the internet esp. in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

We believe that this country will be great again within our lifetime backed by our genuine passion for a more pragmatic Filipino society.


Kagaya ho ng mas nakakarami sa inyo na hindi ho sanay at propesyonal mag sulat sa salitang ingles o gumawa ng napaka perpektong artikulo mapa sa diyaryo o sa internet. Hayaan niyo ho ito na hindi humadlang sa inyo na ibahagi ang inyong opinyon suportado ng tunay na malasakit at solusyon base sa inyong araw-araw na pagtitiis sa mga problema ng pangkaraniwang tao. Itong Think Philippines ho ay naniniwala na bukod sa napaka siksik at masustansya na mga artikulo na inyong mababahagi ay higit na mas importante ang tunay at hindi mapapantayan na pag malalasakit sa bayan.


Allow me to share this wonderful quote I read online stated to be from Napoleon Bonaparte :

If you want to do something right, better to do it youself.

All the best and happy sharing!

Edwardo Miguel Guevarra Roldan

Lead Convenor

Isang Samahan, Isang Pilipinas (ISIP) and Think Philippines!

0927 646 0088 – GLOBE
0935 120 6285 – TM
0999 866 4748 – SMART/Talk N Text
(02) 509 24 67 – Philippine Mobile Landline



Note :

To post articles here at Think Philippines, you may email it to: or by simply commenting it on the field provided below.

Thank you for supporting us.

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