FEEDBACK | Filipinos need to develop a sense of shame or guilt by Ilda of GRP

Mabuhay Filipino Thinkers!

Its a beautiful Saturday morning again and I would like to share with you a timely article of our fellow article writer online :  Ilda of Get Real Philippines.

Also, I would like to share my humble yet point blank perspective relevant to the article and a little insight on how we can improve our country better.

Find Ilda of Get Real Philippines’ article here :



In short, our current public officials including the President should start to take accountability of all the misfortunes in the country to date and stop blaming Gloria Arroyo who is currently locked up in her Hospital Suite.


It should be a contradicting behavior if the current seating President in Malacanan will only take the credits over the fortunate events brought by numerous landmark initiatives of Gloria Arroyo like the development of a competitive and friendly environment for our Entertainment and Gaming industry, BPO-KPO industry, Real Estate industry,Manufacturing industry to name a few.

Presidential Palace of the Philippines

Presidential Palace of the Philippines

While we are all pursuing a case of an alleged Graft and Corruption practices of the former President and her minions let us not allow this President to promote a culture of being impervious.

After all, giving credit where it is due doesn’t necessarily point out that we are letting GMA away from her alleged misconduct.


# End #

Edwardo Miguel Guevarra Roldan

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