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People’s Hour Bill
Introduced by : Hon. Edwardo Miguel “MIGO” RoldanImage


A good democracy should have a good representation for every single life living under it. Ideally, we are currently enjoying an ideal democracy where we have regional representative per district and party list representatives per marginalized sector.

However, based on the current situation of the country it seems all theories will just remain as a theory unless executed properly based on its primary principle and objective.

In a country of est. 100,000,000 Filipinos where (based on studies) 50% are still experiencing hunger the big question will always be : “What is to be done?”

We are allocating Php 210,000,000.00 (210m) PDAF per a single 3 year congressional term and Php 1,200,000,000.00 (1.2B) PDAF per a single 6 year senatorial term but another good question arises and needed to be answered : “Where did we go wrong?”

We as a public servant should never stop the quest for the right answers. The quest to serve the interest of the people is never ending and should be genuine. In order to assist us law makers to know the real sentiments of the people and hear it straight from our constituents it is about time to share our privilege to speak with parliamentary immunity inside the House of Representatives. It is an open knowledge that we the citizenry of the Philippines can already perform some of the important duties of a police officer in the country i.e. Citizen’s Arrest.
Now, It is a convenient truth that sharing an hour of our humble House Of Representatives (HOR) ‘s plenary hall will not affect our primary jobs :
a ) To represent our constituents in the congress
b ) Our legislative function

Moreover, we all believe that by agreeing on this said matter we are just going to regain the trust loss towards our institution every time that they are hearing about allegations of corruption and our alleged insensitiveness toward the sentiments of our constituents.

For purposes of this act, the integrity of our institution is a prime consideration and we can all unanimously agree that there is no better way to solve the concerns of our constituents aside from the clear fact that we should hear it right from them.

Attached in this letter is the proposed bill whereas the approval of the said matter is earnestly required and welcomed.

Sincerely yours,

(originally signed)
Hon. Edwardo Miguel “MIGO” Roldan

Isang Samahan, Isang Pilipinas (ISIP)

Republic of the Philippines
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Philippine Model Congress 2013


Introduced by : Hon. Edwardo Miguel “MIGO” Roldan


Be it here enacted by the House of Representatives in session:

SECTION 1. Short Title – This Bill shall be known as “People’s Hour Act of 2013“

SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy – It is the policy of the state to recognize the right of the people to freedom of speech and expression and to enhance the communication avenue between the government and the people. Towards this end the government shall endeavour to continuously guarantee this freedom.

SECTION 3. Objectives – This Bill aims to:

(a ) To give the Filipino people an avenue to express their opinions and ideas freely unfettered by legal consequences.

(b ) To increase the level of meritocracy in the House of Representatives the ideas and opinions of the different sectors.

(c ) To give the law makers an efficient source of insight to support their respective legislative agenda.

(d ) To ensure a continuous flow of innovative and development oriented programs raised by the constituents and supported by the law makers.
SECTION 4. Definition of Terms- The terms used in the Bill shall be known in the following:
A ) People’s Hour committee –
In charge to oversee the management of People’s Hour.

B ) Private sectors – The area of the nation’s economy under private rather than government control.

C ) Different departments – Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

D ) Term – A period of time to which limits have been set.

SECTION 5. Composition and term of Office of the People’s Hour Committee- The committee shall be composed of 8 members the Speaker of the House of Representative as ex-officio member for a term of 3 years and the 4 members coming from the different departments who shall served for a term of 2 years and 3 independent members coming from the private sectors who shall serve for 1 year without reappointment. Appointment to any vacancy shall only be for the unexpired term of the predecessor.
SECTION 6. Duties and Functions of the Committee- The committee shall be responsible for the screening of the participants in order to determine the sustainability of their objectives and the committee shall be responsible for the creation of rules and regulation for the conduct of the People’s hour.
SECTION 7. – Privilege from arrest while exercising the People’s Hour- A participant shall be privileged from arrest during the People’s Hour.

SECTION 8. – Implementing Rules and Regulations

A ) The practitioner of the People’s Hour will be subject to the current and ongoing rules and regulation of the House of Representatives executed by the HOR Sgt. At Arms.
B ) The People’s Hour should be given atleast 60 minutes.
C ) The practitioner of People’s Hour can extend his 60 minutes upon the approval of the current seating Speaker of the House of Representatives.
D ) The practitioner of the People’s Hour can have an option not to be interrupted while exercising his “People’s Hour”
E ) People’s Hour should be held atleast once a week upon the approval of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
F ) People’s Hour should be held in the same venue where the law makers’ enjoy their privilege speech.
G ) The practitioner of the People’s Hour can share questions based on facts backed with hard copy and soft copy of evidences. No questions without evidences should be entertained. The rules and regulations for questions should follow the Section127 of the People’s Hour.
H ) Service Unit. A Service Unit shall be organized in the Committee on Rules to facilitate, coordinate and expedite all matters relative to the conduct of the People’s Hour.
I ) The Sgt. At Arms. Of the House of Representatives and the current seating Speaker of the House of Representatives have a direct jurisdiction regarding the over all security of the said activity.
J ) Existing and applicable Rules and Regulation of the House of Representatives have an over all jurisdiction over this said activity.

SECTION 9. Appropriation Clause – The amount needed to implement this Act shall be charged against the allocation of House of Representatives under the General Appropriation Act. Therefore any amount necessary to carry out and maintain this Act shall be included in the General Appropriation Act.

SECTION 10. Repealing Clause – All laws and decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations and other issuances, or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions this Bill are hereby modified accordingly.

SECTION 11. Effectivity – This Act shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following its publication in atleast two (2) leading national newspapers of general circulation.



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