Raissa Robles will look on the shenanigans of the Aquino-Cojuangco Family| Think Philippines!

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For the benefit of the growing public clamor on our recent online conversation with the “veteran” journalist affiliated with South China Morning Post and ABS-CBN News Online; I decided to publish the following screenshot of this historic event.


Yes, she said that. She will look into the following shenanigans of the First Family. If Raissa will comply and be true to her words it is for us to wait and find out.


# End #

Edwardo Miguel Guevarra Roldan

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3 thoughts on “Raissa Robles will look on the shenanigans of the Aquino-Cojuangco Family| Think Philippines!

  1. Vincent says:

    List of PNOY crimes
    Feel free to add to the following list of crimes committed by Pnoy Aquino, plus some questions about further acts of treason and other crimes:

    – literally hundreds of counts of betraying the public trust;
    – dereliction of duty (Luneta massacre, natural disasters);
    – perverting the course of justice (Puno, Padaca);
    – bribing 188 congressmen;
    – bribing 20 senators;
    – perverting the course of justice (Corona);
    – conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (Corona);
    – perverting the course of justice (Aquino cannot be impeached because his bribery of the two house of Congress means they cannot sit in judgment of a crime that they are also party to);
    – conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (Aquino, the corrupt congressmen and the corrupt senators have conspired to ensure they can never be impeached by all being guilty of the same crimes);
    – criminal malversation of funds (yes, that is what the DAP is);
    – destroying constitutional government (specifically the separation of powers) by bribing the legislature; and
    – breaking his presidential oath by destroying constitutional government – this is arguably the biggest betrayal of the public trust.

    On top of these charges where the facts are in the public domain, Aquino has never answered questions about what Trillanes – a twice-convicted traitor – was doing in China last year. The Philippine ambassador’s notes suggests that Trillanes completely sold out the Philippine negotiating position – that is consistent with him being a twice-convicted traitor – and that leaves us with these questions:

    1. What was Trillanes doing in China?
    2. What were his orders?
    3. Why hasn’t he been investigated for selling us out according to the ambassador’s notes?

    Then we have the hocus PCOS affair with the nationwide 60/30/10 voting pattern in May 2013:

    1. Was Aquino elected courtesy of the same corrupted programming of these machines?
    2. Despite the evidence from May 2013 of corrupted programming of these machines, why has Aquino never ordered an investigation of this theft of the most basic of democratic rights?

    This administration, in less than 3 years, has robbed us of our right to vote by HOCUS PCOS 60/30/10, has taken land from the poor farmers in hacienda luisita, destroyed the constitution by ousting a chief justice with bribery, engaged in the malversation of funds through DAP and PDAF facilitating the theft of trillions of pesos, single handedly raised the prices of gas, water and electricity, to be among the most expensive in Asia, withheld help from a calamity stricken area due to politics which resulted in thousands of deaths of innocent people, engaged in treasonous negotiations with China and Malaysia giving up large swaths of Philippine territory, and is now threatening to unconstitutionally remove duly-elected officials in the government for a flimsy reason as an improperly submitted SOCE, and that’s just everything I can remember


  2. Maria says:

    Nice one Miguel, on this we can see if this Raissa Robles is writing articles of corrupt Politicians, without any prejudice to other, we can see who she really was…..


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