Philippine online stock brokers list and their fees | Think Philippines!

Here is the list of online stock broker in the Philippines.



Who is the best online stock broker in the Philippines?

I don’t know. The term ‘the best‘ could be relative to all of us. As mentioned above, we have different views and financial goals in life so it’s normal that we have different ‘the best‘ pick on the list above. To give additional insights in choosing online stock broker in the Philippines, I suggest you to consider the following.

  • Customer service

    I believe this is one of the most important factor we need to consider in choosing online stock broker in the Philippines. We should choose an online stock broker that care about their customer and prioritize their needs. Choose the online stock broker that resolves customer issues fast. In addition, choose the one that helps and educate their customers about stock market investing.

  • Online system

    This is also a must-consider when choosing an online broker in the Philippines. System’s security, reliability, speed, user-friendly, ease of funding are really important in stock market investing. A slow system is a big NO NO for a day trader. For a beginner, a user-friendly system helps them easily understand and expand their knowledge.



  • Fees

    We also need to consider fees associated in choosing the online stock broker. Although most of the online stock broker above have the same amount of fees, other fees and tax may differ. Please do your due diligence.





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