VIRAL : Start Your First Mutual Investment Today In 5 Easy Steps! | Think Philippines!

A. Consult your Financial Wealth Planner,Certified Investment Solicitor, Personal Accountant and create a Financial Plan. – Then, choose a Mutual Fund Management that is offering a financial product that fits your risk appetite, expected results and culture.

PhilEquity Fund,Inc.'s performance since inception last 1994! It grew by 3,700%!

PhilEquity Fund,Inc.’s performance since inception last 1994! It grew by 3,700%!

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B. Coordinate with a Licensed Certified Investment Solicitor to facilitate your investment. – Mutual Fund Investments can only be solicited by Licensed Certified Investment Solicitors regulated by SEC, not by Insurance Agents licensed only by the Insurance Commission – They are only allowed to market VUL which is linked to an insurance component and different from Mutual Fund since it is not exempted from 20% W.Tax mandated by the PHL Law.



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C. Fill out the application documents. You will normally be asked to complete three forms: the Personal Information Sheet, the Investor Profile Questionnaire, and the Order Ticket. The forms may vary depending on the mutual fund company but they usually have forms to get your personal details (Personal Information Sheet); identify your risk tolerance and investment goal (Investor Profile Questionnaire); and determine the shares of the fund you want to purchase (Order Ticket).



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D. Make the payment only in authorized payment centers. This can be the office of the company or a bank branch in partnership with the mutual fund. Make sure you get a copy of the payment receipt and the Order Ticket.

E. Ask the agent how you can monitor your funds. Some funds give you online access where you can track your portfolio while some funds just give you NAVPS updates which means you’ll have to compute it manually.

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