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Mabuhay Filipino Thinkers!

This article will be talking about the honorable and passionate  guy who created  Investing in the Philippines Stock Market –  Tips and Tricks.  A dedicated Facebook group for people who wanted to understand our equity market better and later developed and transformed itself naturally as a “one stop shop” for people who are interested to learn more about Finances and various type of investments not limited to Equity Investing, Health Care and Insurances. Galing diba?

We would not like to make this introduction long and here is Mr. Omeng Tawid’s response on our Top 5 Think Philippines Questions.

Enjoy reading and Be inspired to inspire others!

1) Who is the real Omeng Tawid  in Working Hours and Outside the office place? an IT consultant at work. Outside office, i meet people, write & read mostly. I attend The Feast everySunday where I learn a lot too!
2) What is your favorite book?  Damiii! Maybe “Who moved my cheese?” a very tiny book but changed my life bigtime
3) What made you create Investing in the Philippines Stock Market –  Tips and Tricks ? IPSM is created as first  in stocks investing back in 2012. It’s a free venue for anyone who want to learn investing. Later on ,
I created another for my blog follower –


4) What is the biggest financial mistake that you made? Lending to people who do not pay HAHA


5) What is the best financial decision you made? Focus on creating multiple income streams.

Interested to learn more about the man behind Investing in the Philippines Stock Market –  Tips and Tricks ? Visit his website now at




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