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1) Who is the real Nikki Yu/FacelessTrader  in Working Hours and Outside the office place?

I’m Nikki Yu and had been trading stocks (HK, US) in proprietary desks during my days in Citisecurities/COL

Currently I work as a sales broker to clients of Wealth securities for the Philippine markets.

I have handled discretionary fund management as well since trading for the last 8 years. I’ve earned my Chartered market technician status as well as passed the first level of Chartered Financial Analysts.

I have been an active blogger ever since I pursued a trading career. My journals and previous aliases were “fromlonevoice”, “dimsumtrader” and what has been largely the more recent one that I’ve kept which is facelesstrader.

Popularly know as the logo of the Faceless Trader online.

Popularly known as the logo of the Faceless Trader online.

You could find my articles through as well as posts I share through the Facebook group “FacelessTrader Ground zero.”

I’m also a cofounder of
Which is a complementary trading tool for Philippine market traders.

Outside office; I am usually going out with friends to eat; drink; travel and just have a good relaxing time. If not that; I pursue other options- some of which – are helping others with expanding their current businesses. I essentially match people with complementary strengths and skill sets

Other side businesses includes a franchise of Nail Cocktales on Mayhaligue plus others which I can’t mention yet until completed.



2) What is your favorite book ?

I cannot say this is my favorite book but it’s had a huge effect on how I thought. Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” continues to be that book which I think about because it deeply discusses about capitalism and the role of independence as well as why selfishness can be one of the most extolled virtues that can be said of man. It’s virtue is that we would all want to basically make something great. The book largely favored capitalism versus communism and socialism which were quite prevalent during that time. It also was a story of innovation as it breathe life to it’s characters such as dagny taggart in trying to make things right for her father’s company. The entire tale made me think a lot about capitalism in general. I only learned afterwards that she may have patterned some of her stories to actual billionaires of their time which were the Carnegies.

3) What made you create “Faceless Trader/ Faceless Trader Ground Zero”?

I had written my blog “facelesstrader” just to track my own progress. As the name states; I was just one of the millions of nameless faceless traders in the world who was also in pursuit of being an elite trader. It was a personal journey and I shared my story to a larger audience through my Facebook group which rapidly went viral helping me earn a finance blogger award from Angat Pilipinas. I didn’t know I had a strong effect on people and how they missed my thoughts so I created Faceless Trader Ground Zero to still be able to connect with traders who wanted to discuss the markets or anything in between. I think eventually the group became an ecosystem of traders who generally just express their opinions on most everything not necessarily the markets. We somehow just happened to foster friendship along the way.


We all wish that our personal porfolio manager is also cute like her right?


Another one! Who can expect that behind this innocent face are some mad trader skills?

4) What is the biggest financial mistake that you ever made?

Sometimes i think about whether entering the markets could be the biggest mistake that I’ve ever made because I sometimes feel that almost anyone seems to be able to do the things that I do. I don’t know if I’m being self deprecating here but people in the markets generally sometimes feel like even if we do this profession 10 or 20 years ; we just usually end up handling more money which is a stressful responsibility in itself because you’re handling public or other people’s money.
Sometimes I think to myself whether I should be creating tools that helped more people manage their finances so in a way; I became happy using my social media presence to share the site I’m cofounder of ( to help more friends to learn how to trade by themselves too.

Perhaps my biggest financial mistake is to think that I needed to be the best when I could also just crowd source from the best traders in the world and be able to do well harnessing friendships and collaborating with others. That’s why we also created a platform for everyone to be a participant of.


5) What is the best financial decision you made?

Either accidentally or a strange twist of fate ; I think the best financial decisions I’ve made were starting with two of the best traders I could find myself working with – I’ve been blessed to have worked with COL Financial who have helped me to have a trading perspective with proper risk management while I also worked with Wealth Securities who largely helped me do my homework for fundamentals and encouraged me to create growth plans and invest for the longer term. The best financial investment I suppose is that I had been mentored by COL’s EKL and Wealth’s WSY. They are the main pillars of the financial markets in the Philippines and if I hadn’t gain any inch of their prowess in trading ; at least I still got to be able to work with them and be dedicated and influenced with both of their desires to truly help more Filipinos be able to let the markets work for them. In a way; I truly fell in love with the profession partly through the people I’ve encountered.


As they say; life changes based on the people that we meet. I’d say that’s how trading eventually seeped into becoming the love of my life.


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