VIRAL : Iglesia Ni Cristo Rally At EDSA Draw Ire Of The Filipino People | Think Philippines!

Mabuhay Filipino Thinkers!

We would like to share various reaction from Netizens material to the recent “mass protest action” of Iglesia Ni Cristo ministers along EDSA. 11903506_1549902551716622_2016170562_n 11909645_1549902505049960_1105659197_n 11910701_1549902511716626_310279359_n

Source : Viral Screenshots at Facebook

Source : Viral Screenshots at Facebook





11913051_1549902545049956_1351494036_n 11922894_1549902538383290_713919956_n 11938842_1549902495049961_237333255_n

Disclaimer :

We do not claim ownership of the viral screenshots and we adhere that these are all part of Facebook’s  property rights.


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