OPINION : 10-Point Solution For A Fatal Traffic-free Metro Manila by Team Think Philippines!

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images


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Top 10 Think Philippines suggestion on how to ease the traffic at EDSA, Philippines.

  1. Make the registration of older cars more expensive. Do we need to explain furthermore?  Older cars especially those involved in public transportation business like UV Express, PUB/Business, PUJ/Jeepneeys are both health and environmental hazards. Also, many of these old cars are irresponsibly eating up a lot of space at our public roads.  Philippines should start having a policy like successful countries overseas that when your vehicle of choice reached a certain age the  registration cost will be more expensive. If you want to maintain a vintage car as an enthusiast, well the assumption is that you must have a spare money to be a “responsible” vintage car collector.

    Source : Google Images

    Source : Google Images

  2. Modernize the public transportation industry in the Philippines. Yes, it is possible! We have money for that. If we can afford billions of peso worth of asphalt relaying project for the “election fund raising initiatives” of various traditional politicians in the country, perhaps it is time to introduce a better version of PUJ and PUB? Give a 3 year plan to do a “Jeep mo,Palitan ko program”, is it impossible to make this jeepneys the king of the Philippine roads again? NO. We can do it, make all these aspiring jeepney drivers an operator of their own vehicle by offering it for a 5 year fixed interest loan program similar on how the Pag-Ibig is doing it for the mass housing sector.2
  3. Every Local Government Unit (LGU) should have a road network master plan studied and endorsed by NEDA — they  should mandated to  stick with it regardless of  any changes in the administration. Why? The problem in our road networks is the lack of continuity. Let us face it! Not all the elected LGU officials are responsible and efficient executive leaders. Instead of us (tax payers) continuously subsidizing various “illegal fund raising initiatives masquerading as asphalt relaying projects” come election time perhaps it is a good time to introduce a sustainable road network masterplan directly in every LGU in the country.

    Source : Google Images

    Source : Google Images

  4. Stop appointing lawyers as the head of  MMDA and the Office of the President should stop politicizing it!  I believe everyone in their right mind who is not earning from this administration’s shenanigans will agree with us on this. We are already flooded by lawyers in our government, we should try Engineers also. We need responsible, efficient and pragmatic engineers to solve our technical problems. Politicizing MMDA will bring more harm than good in the country and also administering MMDA is beyond policy making, we need technical expertise backed by a strong vision. Minus the allegation of corruption scandals, I bet everyone is missing the spunky Bayani Fernando in the MMDA.1
  5. Crush cars and demolish illegal businesses that is being left unattended on our road networks for more than one week. No explanation needed, road networks aren’t private property nor an extension of your backyard. Some lucky individuals especially in Metro Manila should start acting like a true responsible and accountable citizen.21
  6. Strict implementation of the law. We have a lot of good laws and ordinance, however there is one thing left missing that we are often neglecting —PROPER IMPLEMENTATION!

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  7. Support the proposed bill of Representative Win Gatchalian that requires a parking lot for all aspiring car buyers. Isn’t simple? Where will you park your car then? Okay, assuming that you do not have a parking space in your condo or house, you must be obliged to show the car dealership  a proof that you have a binding contract of a car parking lease agreement.This is an unpopular move but very pragmatic, are we one of the reasons why Metro Manila’s traffic is a big mess? Is it because most of us do not care about the welfare of others.1
  8. Modernize our train system and network. No explanation needed, a successful country should have a good train system to help augment the demand in PUJs/PUBs.1
  9. Introduce double decker buses in EDSA. Not only we can save road space, we can also improve the welfare of most women, elderly and children who are all riding buses at their own risk.1
  10. Follow Bayani Fernando-era solution in EDSA traffic that requires the consolidation of all bus terminals in the Metro Manila into North-Central-South Bus Terminals and closure of unauthorized Bus Terminals in EDSA. What does it mean? No more rushing bus drivers to get passengers in almost every corner of our country’s busiest road : EDSA.1


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2 thoughts on “OPINION : 10-Point Solution For A Fatal Traffic-free Metro Manila by Team Think Philippines!

  1. juu says:

    #4, yes, engineers, city planners, or even a Mayor (who should have a good track record).
    Unfortunately, lawyers are still better at getting the position by nature of their skills.


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