BUZZ! Opening A Business In The PHL Is Now Easier With VOffice Philippines | Team Think Philippines!

TAGUIG CITY, Philippines—Setting up a business in the Philippines brings with it a whole truckload of headaches such as searching an office location, applications for permits and licenses, and the establishment of connectivity lines, all of which require a lot of time and money.
For start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, the task of establishing themselves in the market may seem very daunting, however, recently launched vOffice (virtual office) Philippines Inc, is offering “Office-as-a-service” for them so they can kick-start their business.


“With a traditional office, to set up one office you have to go identify your building, [do] renovation, [apply for] permits and stuff like that which could easily take two months,” he said. “But with virtual office it’s like you can have an office within 24 hours or even less than a day.”


Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the primary target market of vOffice, can pay monthly rates to have their permits processed, their telephone and fax lines connected, their calls and mail received or forwarded, and be able to utilize the meeting and function rooms of the vOffice center in BGC and Makati.
Business owners can even subscribe to bookkeeping, accounting, audit, taxation, video conference, graphic and web design services of vOffice, among others.



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