POLITICAL OP-ED on PHL Government’s APEC 2015 Hosting, New BMWs and PHP 10B APEC Fund


Think Philippines’ Political Opinion Editorial material to this  news update:  “Initial fleet of BMWs turned over to PH for APEC 2015”

I do hope we just “leased” those BMWs otherwise this is another waste of money and hypocrisy at its finest.

Political stability,good governance, logical and inviting laws and provisions can always attract more investors than APEC.

Hong Kong never hosted APEC but they are attracting substantial Foreign Direct Investments even with the “Anti-China sentiments” before same with Macau.
Bakit kaya? I am not Anti-APEC, I just hate how the government justify their overspending on wrong things. Yah, we spent PHP 10B this 2015 and it is just a small share of the pie vs President Aquinos USD 11B (USD not PHP, you are reading it right!) worth of Special Purpose Fund but we hardly see any new infrastructure except for those “temporary and rotten” plastic barriers by MMDA. By the way, you think PHP 10B is big? That exclude the other funds inserted in other Govt agencies and LGUs.

F*CK! We are a rich country spending on wrong things.

NOTE : Do not say that I am giving a wrong comparison by inserting Hong Kong and Macau which are both not a country, I am just hitting the logic of some traditional politicians in the country on which they keep on insisting that these are the best time to lure the investors by showcasing the good side of our country. There are a lot ways on how we can invite these people, right? Prolly, backed by a long-term solution next time!

Ah yeah, we allegedly “rehab” the Marcos-era PICC and the NAIA. Talk to my hand!



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