VIRAL : Open Letter To Mr. Mar Roxas & Mayor Duterte By A Netizen


To Mr. Manuel Araneta Roxas and Rodrigo Roa Duterte,


First of all, I would like to congratulate the both of you for being successful in getting the attention of the whole Filipino nation who are now braving Typhoon Nona while majority are trapped in their homes and some are currently trapped inside their cars along Edsa. It is not a secret anymore that our country is currently experiencing a lot of predicaments from violent separatist movement down south and chronic petty crimes along the alleys of Recto, Cubao,Tondo.

I would like to humbly appeal that both you start acting like a true statesman and a Presidential candidate that is worth emulating in our country by engaging into a debate and healthy exchanges of ideas,solutions and platforms instead of issuing a gun duel challenge, slapping challenge et al.

While most of us find it amusing that an elite and american educated Filipino from Cubao (Mar Roxas) and a highly celebrated Mayor from Mindanao that is allegedly involved in a lot of extrajudicial killings (Mayor Duterte) are very passionate about being right, we humbly think that we as your constituents are missing a lot in here. We cannot see the level of decency and propriety that a President of this country must have.

A level of decency to debate on ideas and platforms instead of issuing a slapping challenge and gun duel.

An above average sense of propriety to showcase that you are not just eager to be our next political leader but also prepared and happy to be our role model especially to us, the 21,000,000+ Filipino youth.

PS.I am confident to arrange and assist in linking various organizations and guarantee the neutrality of the debate. Kindly show us that both of you are more than two tough guys who can throw punches and kill each other. We strongly need a role model that is not only a strong political leader but someone who can make this country great again by uniting our divided society towards one common vision. What is the sense of getting the Presidency of this country by winning the votes and not our hearts.

Let us do this and hear our call for a better informed Filipino electorate.

My contact details are indicated below and I will be happy to wait for a call from your offices.

Sincerely yours,
MIGO 12/16/2015 2:06AM







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11 thoughts on “VIRAL : Open Letter To Mr. Mar Roxas & Mayor Duterte By A Netizen

  1. Bangas says:

    Masyado k nmng excited dodong. Nagpapainit lng ung dalawa wla na agad decency. Remember malayo pa ang campaign period. Kya matuto kng maghintay ha. Ano ano sinasabi mo, eh laht nmn yan given na once d start of of campaign is formal. You dnt hv to ask for it. Jst wait for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mssyj says:

    So far , the exchange between the two presidentiables is still decent. The ones that hit all new low levels are the various convos on socmed that followers of the two engage in. Frustrating but not unusual , the word war between the two. Alarming is the vile and venomous way Duterte’s followers attack the other side.


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